Second opera

MIRACALE! An Opera of Two Halves. Composed by Marcos Fernandez for the City of Sunderland with football at the heart of the story.

All teams need a miracle when they’re heading for the drop.

MIRACLE! is a football opera for Sunderland. It takes place in the Stadium of Light, in Sunderland’s streets, on Roker Beach. It’s driven by the chanting and singing of the crowd, and by a love of the beautiful game. It’s an opera that’s filled, like football itself, with reckless hope and dread despair. It echoes with the triumphs of the past, and points towards the glories of the future.

MIRACLE! is an opera for everyone. It shows how Heaven comes to Earth, and how a team on the brink of darkness is brought back into the light.

Premiere on Friday 27-Sunday 29 November, Sunderland Minster, High Street West, 7.30pm (2.30pm mat on Sunday), £10/£8 See more here