New music for the OSPA

La Nueva España 13.04.2013 | 19:51

Resonances for Orchestra wins the OSPA Composition Competition

The composer and pianist Marcos Fernandez Barrero won yesterday the 2013 OSPA Composition Competition with the work «Resonances for Orchestra.» He is 29, lives in London where he teaches piano, and composes music soundtracks.

The OSPA, conducted by Rossen Milanov, performed «Dialogues of Time and Space» by Hermes Luaces (…) and then the winning piece; an arrhythmic work with interesting sounds and a detailed percussion writing.

La Nueva España 16.04.2013 | 19:51

The score by Marcos Fernández (Barcelona, 1984),«Resonances for Orchestra», was the winning piece of the contest.

The main point of the work is the manipulation of the resonance effect throughout the possibilities of the orchestra. Fernandez manipulates the decay of sound without the physical limitations of for example the piano pedal. Thus, «Resonances for orchestra» is a work that extends the sound in such a way that  it is replicated in a network of a very solid and refined sonority, with a remarkable economy of means, over the orchestra. In sum, this is an intimate work, with French influence that experiments with orchestral colors and textures to produce a constant flow of sound.