Piano Underscore Album Release

This album is a soundtrack that underscores the atmospheres and wonders of a musical journey departing through the waves of the sea to finish where West meets East.

Some of these tracks were first conceived during the composition of the score of Noctum, a modern opera that connects a night’s eclipse with the world of dreams. Some others collect the Celtic heritage of Northumbria and the well known Romanza for guitar.

All piano performance and compositions/arrangements by Marcos Fernandez.

Cre.Art Ensemble, Guillermo Laporta (Flute), Tagore González (Clarinet), Ignacio Rodríguez (Violin) and Alvaro Llorente (Cello)
Oviedo Filarmonía, Cre.Art Project, The Anglo-Spanish Society, Josefina Urraca, Luis Miguel García and Lucy Driver