Rhapsody I

Inclusion of ‘Linear’ in CD release

As part of the Rhapsody Project, Marcos was commissioned by the Chelsea and Westminster Health charity to create brand new music inspired by artist Nicky Kerr Bone’s vinyl floor installation. The composition – titled Linear –  is included in Rhapsody I, CD  released by the organization.

Marcos’ music was recorded at the Royal College of Music in London with the school’s musicians and conductor Maite Aguirre.

Eric Whitacre was the Ambassador of the project which draws together visual and performing arts to help patients at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in their treatment and rehabilitation.

Working with physiotherapists and occupational therapists and teaming up with audio guide company Imagineear, Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity has developed an audio guide tour around the artwork in the hospital’s collection. Instead of verbal information about each artwork, the paintings, sculptures and installations are being coupled with specially-composed pieces of music.

For more information about the project, please click here.