30 orchestras

Marcos’ work Nocturno Sinfónico will be programmed by the 30 symphony orchestras of Spain in the next two seasons (2018 – 2020) after winning what is considered the most relevant composition award in Spain – IX Composition Award Association of the Symphony Orchestras of Spain – BBVA Foundation. He will be the most programmed spanish composer of contemporary music in the symphonic concert halls.

His work is a large nocturne for orchestra which evokes the beauty and mysteries of the night time; it takes inspiration from the magical and mysterious psychological stages happening during the night’s rest.

According to Spanish composer and music producer Antoni Parera Fons, who was one of the adjudicators Nocturno Sinfónico «is a work written following the current musical trends with a great sense of color and phrasing. It is inspiring and I predict it will have a long successful journey; some works have their debut and farewell, however I believe this one will generate interest in the symphonic world as many orchestras will be interested in performing it. It is wisely well written, with great knowledge of the orchestra and it will be pleasant to play

The organization of the competition – The Association of Symphony Orchestras of Spain and the BBVA Foundation – gave Marcos an award of 18,000€. His score, «Nocturno Sinfónico» will also be frequently programed around the symphonic concert halls of the country under the aim of promoting his work while bringing new music closer to the audience. The past winning scores have received no less than 130 appearances.