‘Strathspey’ for clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and viola will be premiered during the III Chamber Music Festival ‘Agustín Ramos’ by Davinia Pérez Pérez (violin), Elena Mederos Hormigo (viola), Juan Félix Álvarez González de Chávez (clarinet), Paula Piñero Quesada (percussion), Mari Luz Trujillo Camejo (piano).

The score received the first award of the composition competition organized by the festival and is dedicated to Tenerife clarinetist Abraham González Chávez. His interest in contemporary music allowed Marcos to know and create extended clarinet techniques for a solo clarinet work he wrote for a premiere at the Glasgow Plug Festival. ‘Strathspey’ develops and incorporates some of the many techniques that they both discovered together in such solo work, using characteristics of the Strathspey, a traditional dance from Scotland, where both Marcos and Abraham met during their studies and where the clarinetist currently lives.

Concert: 20.00H 27 January 2018 – Zona Joven de Punta Larga (Tenerife)

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