Born in Barcelona (1984), Marcos graduated in Piano at the Catalonian Music Academy (ESMUC), Composition (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) and a Masters of Composition (Royal College of Music – London).

He is an eclectic and multidisciplinary composer who has won more than twenty international awards from the Société Royale d’Harmonie (Belgium), AEOS-BBVA Foundation, SGAE Fundación Autor – CNDM, OSPA Composition Award, The Patrond’s Fund Prize (RCM), etc.

Initially influenced by Celtic folklore, his music is distinguished by a wide cross of techniques and aesthetics inspired by modern trends as well as trends of jazz, flamenco, New Age, pop or film music. He is very versatile actively writing orchestral music as well as chamber music, piano, opera and film soundtracks. All this contributes to his works a personal style that has interested very different audiences for their possibility of fusion and for aspects related to the approximation between different aesthetic fields and extended techniques.

He stands out for having his works re-programmed after its premieres and for working repeatedly with the same orchestras and ensembles. In recent years, Marcos has been scheduled in more than 50 concert halls in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Malta, Bulgaria, Australia, Taiwan and USA by the National Orchestra of Malta, The Britten Sinfonia, The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of Asturias, the Symphony Orchestra of Madrid, Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona and Cre.Art Ensemble.

In the audiovisual field his best-known work is the soundtrack of «Tuck me In». His interest in the expressive power of the union of scene and music generated his first opera (‘Noctum’), written as a resident composer of Cre.Art Project (New York). The Arts Council of England funded the commission for his second opera (‘Miracle!’), Working with the librettist and author of bestsellers David Almond. Inspired by football and with a great ovation by British critics and society, ‘Miracle!’ has been his most important work and has received several culture awards in England.

Due to his commitment to improving society through new ideas applied to music, he has been invited to join the Royal Society of Arts in London, where he is a teacher of composition at the Trinity Music Academy and piano at The Haberdashers’ Aske’s College. Marcos is a visiting professor at the TAI University Center (Madrid) and is also the founder of the Piano Underscore label, which already has two albums distributed internationally. He currently teaches at the Conservatoire of Barcelona, where he lives. 

Marcos is also on great demand to teach composition internationally and online, as well as piano in Barcelona.

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