Marcos Fernández wins the award Francisco Guerrero Marín

Marcos Fernández wins the Award Francisco Guerrero Marín


The final concert and awards ceremony of the Young Composers Award XXIII organized by the Fundación Autor-CNDM/SGAE and the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical was held on December 3 held in Auditorium 400 of the Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.

The piece Mare entro Terra by Marcos Fernandez was awarded the Francisco Guerrero Marín prize, which was premiered by the Grupo Instrumental Siglo XX under the direction of Florian Vlashi.

The recording of the winning work Mare entro Terra will be edited and included in a promotional disc produced by Cezanne Producciones.

Interview on TV –  Marcos Fernández

Interview by Raquel Fernández

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