Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa

Nuno Coelho conducts Nocturno Sinfónico by Marcos Fernández-Barrero with the Symphony Orchestra of Bilbao, opening a concert featuring Pablo Ferrández … More


The Symphony Orchestra of Madrid (ORCAM) conducted by Baldur Brönnimann rehearsed on the 28th February Marcos’ work, ‘Nocturno Sinfónico’. They … More

Sinfónica de Extremadura

Cristóbal Soler – one of the most important conductors of his generation – conducts Nocturno Sinfónico with the Orquesta Sinfónica … More

Sinfónica de Tenerife

Antonio Méndez conducts Nocturno Sinfónico by Marcos Fernandez-Barrero with the Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife as part of a program dedicated … More

Sinfónica de Galicia

Nocturno Sinfónico receives its second programme by the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia, conducted by Daníel Bjarnason: 25th April, 20.30H – … More

Real Filharmonía de Galicia

Nocturno Sinfónico receives its World Premiere by the Real Filharmonía de Galicia, conducted by Baldur Brönnimann: 14th March H19.30 – … More

Simfònica de Balears

Marcus Bosch conducts Nocturno Sinfónico by Marcos Fernandez-Barrero with the Orquestra Simfònica de Balears as part of a program which … More


Het Concertgebouw – Amsterdam

‘Homenatge a Bernstein’ (Homage to Bernstein) receives the Dutch premiere by the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by British conductor Alexander … More


Third opera

Opera Sunderland and the Arts Council of England commissions a new opera as a companion piece to Stravinsky’s ‘Soldier’s Tale’. … More

Auditori Concert OBC

Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona

‘Homenatge a Bernstein’ (Homage to Bernstein) receives the World premiere by the Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona and National of Catalonia … More


Revista Musical Catalana

El jove compositor barceloní Marcos Fernández veurà estrenada el proper 5 d’octubre l’obra –encàrrec de l’Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i … More

Strathspey Concert3


‘Strathspey’ for clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and viola will be premiered during the III Chamber Music Festival ‘Agustín Ramos’ by … More

Nocturno Sinfonico

30 orchestras

Marcos’ work Nocturno Sinfónico will be programmed by the 30 symphony orchestras of Spain in the next two seasons (2018 … More

Europe Marcos Fernandez

Diaspora of Symbols

Eu.Terpe Foundation commissioned a new work from Marcos Fernandez funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union to … More


‘MEMENTOS’ New work

MEMENTOS For violin, horn and piano Written for the Britten Sinfonia as part of the Britten Sinfonia Opus 2015 Project. … More


«ECLIPSE» World premiere

During a position as a resident composer of the cultural and artistic company Cre.Art Project, Marcos wrote «Noctum», a chamber … More


Inclusion of ‘Sarabande’ in CD release The Nou Ensemble and conductor, Salvador Sebastià, recorded the score of Sarabande by Marcos … More


Second opera

MIRACALE! An Opera of Two Halves. Composed by Marcos Fernandez for the City of Sunderland with football at the heart … More

Noctum 6

First opera

During an artist residency in 2011 in Oviedo (Spain), Marcos and Cre.Art Project (Guillermo Laporta and Tagore González) conceived what … More

duo image

National Concert Hall – Taiwan

Taiwan’s established chamber music duo of cellist Arturo Costa and pianist Chiao – Ling Hsieh commissioned from Marcos a work for cello … More


Music Contemporary 2014

Marcos’ Resonancias para Orquesta receives its sixth performance by an orchestra. This time as part of the Music Contemporary 2014 – a … More


Buffet Festival 2009

Marcos’ clarinet concerto – commissioned by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Woodwind Department –  receives the world premiere by regular … More

Cre.Art Ensemble NY

Composer in Residence

During his composition residency with Cre.Art Project, Marcos wrote scores aimed to develop a relationship in between performance arts and … More

Newspaper Summerfest

RSAMD Summerfest 2009

Sloists and artistic directors of the RSAMD’s Summerfest – Ani Batikian, Bede Williams and Fraser Gordon – accompanied by the RSAMD Chamber Orchestra premiere Marcos’ … More

le ville matte

Composer in Residence

A trio for violin, viola and piano commissioned by Le Ville Matte Composition Residency and Il Settimo Suono, receives its … More


Queen Sofia Art Museum

Florian Vlashi and the Grupo Instrumental Siglo XX premiere at the Auditorio 400 of the Queen Sofia National Art Museum … More


Hispania – Ballet Suite

The Alba Sinfonia – a collaborative chamber orchestra formed by Scottish chamber ensembles – conducted by Bede Williams, premiered the … More


Societe Royale d’Harmonie

Folk Odyssey for solo violin by Marcos Fernández won the Audience Prize in the Composition Competition of the Societe Royale d’Harmonie … More


‘Mare – entro – Terra’

Inclusion of Mare-entro-Terra in CD release The ensemble Grupo Instrumental Siglo XX and its director, Florian Vlashi, recorded the score of Mare-entro-Terra … More

Rhapsody 3

Rhapsody I

Inclusion of ‘Linear’ in CD release As part of the Rhapsody Project, Marcos was commissioned by the Chelsea and Westminster … More

New music for the OSPA

La Nueva España 13.04.2013 | 19:51 Resonances for Orchestra wins the OSPA Composition Competition The composer and pianist Marcos Fernandez … More


The Patrond’s Fund Prize

The Patrond’s Fund Prize During his time in Scotland, Marcos was honored in 2007 with The Patrond’s Fund Prize, a … More

Prize of Composition 2011

The score «Journey for Orchestra» by Marcos Fernandez was premiered by the Malta National Orchestra and conducted by Paul-Andre Huber … More