Nocturno Sinfonico (Orchestra)

Something magical and mysterious happens during night time; the world of dreams. ‘Nocturno Sinfónico’ is reflection of the many characters, events and volatile images which, after the intimate night’s rest that interrupt our daily activity, are usually forgotten by the next morning.

No one can, or wants to, escape from the wonderful act of dreaming, but the most fascinating thing is that in our dreams everything can happen and we believe them to such an extent that sometimes it is better to wake up from a nightmare…

‘Nocturno Sinfónico’ is the winning work of the 9th AEOS-BBVA FOUNDATION COMPOSITION AWARD, held in collaboration with the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) in Spain. “It is considered one of the most important awards in the music scene. It puts the focus on promoting the creation of avant-garde music in our country” (Spanish Association of Symphony Orchestras)